One billion in arrears, another giant ran away!

New friends please  Point above the blue word “Internet hot spot” concern Internet headlines, major events, read for you every day Cooperation QQ: 3501889492 Public number: Internet hotspot Responsible editor: He Jing Just now, a big news came from Shanghai!Internet lending platform Yonglibao today in the official micro-exposure, at noon on July 16, 2018 to […]

29-year-old annual salary of one million, promoted to one of Ali’s youngest P8, I want to share 8 points of growth experience

Author: Bubble Source: Taraaa (ID: Tarasayhi) Bubbles are my best friend. At the age of 31, he entered Alibaba after graduation and was promoted from P4 to P6, P7, and P8 within five years of work. I rarely talked to him about work, but I always felt that he had a great workplace experience and […]

Lei Jun: Xiaomi’s internal images for the first time in 8 years have been publicly read.

Source/Lei Jun “Eight years ago, I had a crazy idea.”“But I intend to go one way to black.”“Anyway, I am now in a fire.” Xiaomi entrepreneurial 8 years internal documentary (mobile phone), The internal image was first made public, He was supervised by Zhou Hao, the documentary director of the Golden Horse Award. This article […]

The 2018X-FLY Drone Race League Great Wall Station is perfect and new risks have emerged!

Drone race through the world miracle of the Great Wall of China!On July 17th, after two days of fierce competition, the 2018X-FLY UAV Competition League Great Wall Station hosted by the X-FLY Drone Competition Alliance ended perfectly. This is a great game, It is the first “Air F1” competition held on the Great Wall of […]

Fu Sheng, product manager, is one step closer to the extreme. This time it is a translator.

Even Rebs’ famous words are used – shenzhenware – On the afternoon of July 19th, the cheetah mobile joint company’s artificial intelligence company, Orion Star, jointly launched the leopard AI translation stick, which focuses on overseas tourism and business scenes. The price is 299 yuan, and the top 10,000 buyers can enjoy 149 yuan fresh […]

“Mother of everything” poisons the industry? Has become the biggest shackle of domestic quadratic game innovation

(Click on “GameLook” above to subscribe to WeChat) In June of this year, another “Ship Like” homemade mobile game “Deep-Yuan Horizons” was officially released in Japan and quickly achieved good results. However, the appearance of the “Ship Like” mobile game in the Japanese and Korean markets one after another also attracted the attention of the […]

A short golden age and lasting feelings: the birth and rebirth of an old SRPG

The story behind the legend of “Dream Simulated War”. In the 1990s, SRPG, which blends SLG elements, became a very popular type under RPG, and countless classic works were born, including the “Fire of the Flame”, “Dream of Simulations”, “Light Power”, “Royal Cavaliers”, etc. A series of works, the Ing Jie trilogy represented by the […]