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tide receding

There are not many in the swimsuit

On December 8, 2015, on the electronic screen at the door of the e rented treasure company, the total investment data was fixed at 75.94 billion and 4.94 million yuan.

On that day, the Beishangguang Public Security Bureau assaulted the e rented treasure for investigation and evidence at the same time.

A month later, the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau issued a message to investigate the case of e-rented treasures suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits.

Overnight, more than 900,000 investors have become victims.

e rented treasure spent 30 million to advertise at CCTV

Every day in July 2018 is like a copy of the day.

“It’s only one day before my P2P expires, but it’s still thunder.” Yan Jinjun’s colleague Xiao M said with a smile.

The platform for Xiaomei Investment is everyone’s love of home. On July 6th, it was detonated. It has now been accessed by the Economic Survey. It is estimated that the funds involved are 23.2 billion.

Everyone loves the publicity of the B round of financing.

How ironic it seems now

Because Xiao M had just graduated and did not have much savings, he would invest more than 10,000 yuan in his entire family. Although the police station was only 22 kilometers away from the company, Xiao M did not intend to call the police.

“When the police were reported, the money could not be taken back, especially if there were only 10,000 points like me. ”

However, yesterday, Xiao M was still accompanied by the police station. The police station of the police station asked us: “I’m so close. How can I come now? People in Xinjiang have long come. ”

When you enter the police station, you are attached to the Everyone Love Home Registry.

At the time of registration of Xiao M, Dang Jinjun saw that despite the fact that ten days had passed, there were still more than 30 people registered on the same day. The highest amount of investment was 3.82 million, and most of the amount was between 10 and 30 million. The date they started investing was concentrated after 2017, and Xiao M was the worst. She started investing in April this year. Pretty much the last people to get in the car before the thunderbolt.

Poor commentator couldn’t help but talk to Xiao M: “P2P’s profits are high and it’s easy to have problems. You can see the previous money and the joint efforts. They can’t support such high profits at all. No new people come in to fill holes. Thunder is a matter of time. How much is your profit? ”


“… Wait for the police to progress.”


“Your P2P is also thunder? My case reported last week “, another colleague Xiao D put together.

She voted for another platform, a fortune in finance, and a detonation on the 13th.

This small company has only 1.463 billion plates. There is no background in the background. There is no platform for the platform. There is no reputation for fame. How can you not understand how Xiao D will vote for it?

“I have a friend who works in it and is more trustful, so I voted a little.” Xiao D is very helpless. “My friend told me that their company was still good the day before, and it was calm and quiet. Everyone sent a certificate of departure. Everyone knew that the company had fallen. Each of the company’s employees had invested money and all were gone. We called the police. ”

The last tenderness of the company to employees

When the evidence was taken, it was discovered that on the App’s contract, the borrower’s information was all mosaic, and it was not known who the money was loaned.

Listening to Xiao D said that she went to the police station to call the police. People went in to first turn over a booklet. The booklets corresponded to various P2P company names. All of them were thunderous. The number of people she voted for was even small.

No. 13, a financial financial announcement to the outside world, due to the serious net outflow of transactions, overdue increase, so the liquidation, and gave a payment plan.

But Xiao D said that many companies running the road have given this plan, and finally they all ran away. There was no payment at all.

What’s more, her friend explicitly told her that the company is definitely not a benign winding up. There are many dark scenes. This is just to stabilize the investors’ mood.

After the small D reported the police, he was helpless to continue to wait and see. He prayed that the company could really refund some of the principal. Perhaps the only good news is that hearing that an executive of the company goes to the police every day to play cards is already under supervision and should not run away.

In this thunderstorm, the small people who had had some idle money were “shaved their heads” overnight. The house, coffin, and children’s education money were all gone.

Someone swipe card cash investment

Poor evaluation of the king to the bottom of several platforms that have just suffered thunderstorms QQ group, investors from the beginning of the panic helplessness, emotional collapse, to slowly rational, mutual help and mutual assistance, and finally listen to heaven and earth, or perseverance, who knows who is aggrieved.

Super-detailed thinking map of investors

The reality has forced everyone to become a probe. The platform’s self-integration, the transfer of assets by executives, the early access to people, and the financial tricks of actual controllers can all be excavated.

It’s just, it’s too late. Starting from investing in this unscrupulous platform, it is destined to be lost.

What’s funny is that these investors have been so miserable that some people still don’t let them go.

The 2000 members of Xiao M loved the family rights protection group and spent 5 yuan in the group. However, the group owner did not do anything.

There is also a group of owners to launch everyone to raise funds to ask lawyers. As a result, the group owners will complete the fund, and all people will be forbidden to laugh at everyone’s silly X, and everyone will be lost.

Will the conscience not hurt?

After some people have established a rights protection group, the group owner will sell the group to the advertisement. All the staff forbid that all new people will let you add WeChat to the advertisement.

Some members impersonated data collectors and asked everyone to fill in the information. As a result, they sold the information and caused secondary harm to people.

Others, biting the platform to run, you can not pay back the platform money.

They turned into Lai Lai, and those who could pay back money did not return money. They deliberately overdue, and even went to the investor QQ group to spread panic information, allowing people to squeeze on the stampede and take the platform step by step.

Other platform executives, taking advantage of P2P people, maliciously pressure investors to use 50% off to purchase past contracts, otherwise they will threaten to clear up, and investors will not even get half of their principal.

Those poor investors got a knife and a knife.

Some people, sending fire to P2P, think all P2P is a liar.

Not really.

P2P is a newly developed financial model in recent years. P2P companies, as an intermediary, borrow ordinary people’s money to micro-enterprises or individuals who need to borrow, and draw profits from them.

Originally a win-win thing, micro-enterprises that are not seen by banks have funds, investors are profitable, and the platform makes money. As long as the risks are controllable and the benefits are very large, even the government believes that P2P is an effective supplement to the banking business. At first, the country encouraged P2P.

P2P development By 2015, the country’s online loan turnover has exceeded trillions, and the record is shining.

However, many people say that 2015 is a dark year in the history of P2P.

In that year, companies such as Pan-Asia, e-rented treasures, and Zhuoda exploded, involving more than 300 billion yuan in funds. There were thousands of platform problems throughout the year, and millions of people lost their interests.

These problematic companies are under the banner of Internet finance, and by the east end of the policy, the smallpox of advertisements is actually a Pang’s scam in P2P, which is very different from P2P.

The victim regretted the act of profiteering and the financial supervision policy came late.

People learn smart, no electronic contracts do not vote, high profits do not vote, no banks do not vote, no state-owned assets, listed companies do not vote.

However, by 2018, the fate of thunder will still be escaped.

Back on the “home of online loan”, the “investment home” trusted by countless investors was also thundered. Its business compliance, bank custody, and information disclosure all achieved the forefront of the industry, and the investment home just last month B round of financing 400 million yuan, is a full star platform.

Without any sign, the investment home will fall, there are similar Yonglibao, Niu Banjin, money dad, love investment…

In July, 151 P2P companies already ran or closed.

No one can tell what the trigger for this thunderclap is. Sino-US trade war? Financial deleveraging? or. House lottery?

In any case, this thunderstorm has blown up financial policy loopholes and flattened all non-compliant P2P platforms.

P2P companies that believe they can survive the thunderstorms will be the mainstay of the industry.

But no one knows, there are a few that can stay.

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