Apple made another effort! Publish the third public test version of the iOS 12 system!

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On July 19th, Apple pushed the iOS 12 beta 3 in the early morning, about 13 days from Beta 2. The public survey users who participated in the “Apple Beta Software Plan” can upgrade through OTA after installing the profile. The size of this update package is about 579MB.

The iOS 12 beta 3 update is mainly based on bug repair, version number 12.0 (16A5327f). The same was true of the developer’s beta version released yesterday, but Apple identified some problems with the developer’s beta beta 4, such as screen time data that cannot be synchronized between devices, App Store’s first download error, and Siri’s shortcut that does not work properly. The iPhone X’s mobile signal status bar may not be accurate on the lock screen or the main screen.

Scan the following QR code, enter the public number response description file, you can download the iOS 12 version of the description file!