The mobile airbag stent that can be squatted, touch it, it becomes bigger and longer! It’s quite ridiculous!

Hello everyone!I’m a shark sister allergic to lobster


There are so many accessories around the phone

But the hottest, the most turbulent, is nothing but him!

This paragraph

In addition to high value, there are patented airbag designs

Can shrink and stretch, can become bigger and smaller!Very convenient, commandment!

Jitter detonation mobile phone stand

This mobile phone stand

When the airbag is pulled out, one hand can safely operate the mobile phone

Whether you text, play with yourself, or watch video with your support, etc.

The best thing is

Can also be used as a mobile phone line for use

It’s all fried chicken

Use as a mobile phone, Ipad stand without pressure

Can also be used as a receiving ear wire

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Play mobile phones, self-timer, easy to handle with one hand

No longer afraid of slipping

In fact, the most important thing is

It is also a mobile phone stand that can be hung up

Now buy a mobile phone stand

The brother will also send a supporting bracket free of charge

Driving, working, bedroom, kitchen, office… Anything you need

All liberate your hands, and the cell phone can be seen without bowing

In addition to these cool features

It is also a decompression artifact, when in a bad mood

Press, twist, twist!What else is more decompressive than this?

The airbag will make you pull it 12,000 times!

It uses 3M patented soft rice glue

Sticking does not fall off, but it does not leave any traces.

Can also be repeatedly pasted, so many styles, remember to pick what you like

Now, three pieces, take the car base

Creative retractable mobile airbag support, hanging car wall hanging computer

Low-key luxury can also be accepted as headphones

Special price: 39 yuan 3 pieces

Sister’s novelty pavilion

jitter cushion holder

 Creative retractable mobile airbag stent 

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