Conquer Chen Man with a pair of scissors and create 101 Pick him. The girls flew from all over the world to wear his Chinese cheongsam.

The hot July, start it. The second stop of the market, killed the hot Sichuan.

Chengdu, a magical city. People here love “hot pot” better than love life, take a deep breath, pepper smell of phlegm is Chengdu people’s unique life artifact.

At 5 o’clock in the morning on the street, Ma Zhen’s pavilion dyed the night from black and white, and rubbed it down for dozens of laps. It only required a yawn and a bowl of noodles. It was a new day full of vitality.

Don’t be surprised. It was the first lesson taught by Chengdu. So when I interviewed the character Luo San in this issue, I was not surprised.

The 92-year-old boy, who was one meter tall and nine, used a pair of scissors to subvert fashion, but not only because he was handsome.

Luo San did not know how to get angry.

Three years ago, his Weibo fans were only a hundred.

One night, he received a personal reminder,

The other party saw his cheongsam and wanted to customize it.

“It was Chen Man. I also deliberately went in to see her number of fans.

I believe she is true Chen Man! “

Luo San has been in fitness, so when he sees him, he is much more handsome than in the photo.

Chen Man is one of the most popular fashion photographers in China. It is reasonable to say that the most important thing around is the top clothing designer. Why does he prefer this unknown Chengdu post-90s boy’s cheongsam?

That night, Luo San thought about it and thought about it. He still did not understand it.

But now, when you ask him why, he will say, “because” Luo Sanzhi “is not the same as all cheongsam.”

Three years later, Luo San, sitting in front of me, wore glasses and suits with gold silks and three sets of irons. When he wrote a size sheet, he did not lift his head and his voice was soft and firm.

His cheongsam studio is located on the 42nd floor of a high-end office building in Chengdu. From here, it seems that reaching out can disperse the haze of 285 days in Chengdu.

In the studio separated by one window, there is another scene.

In the 2nd and 30th centuries of the last century, the most beautiful memories of the cheongsam slowly drifted in the corners.

Luo San’s desk, with a stack of thick size sheets, can be judged from the above more than a dozen figures, to customize the cheongsam is not all a good woman.

“The cheongsam is a robe. The biggest feature is that it can be fitted!”Here in Luo San, whoever is tall, fat and thin, can wear cheongsam, any strange material, and can also make cheongsam.

The stereotype was broken and orders flew from all over the country. The old cheongsam was also in the hands of this young man and lived one by one.

It is no wonder that the drama “Latent” asked him to do clothing guidance. Fashion Bartha asked him to cooperate in the shooting.

Fashion Barca created 101 rocket girls to shoot a large piece of cheongsam, cheongsam from Luo Sanchai studio.

Luo San’s design of the cheongsam, Hua but not bright, delicate and unique, can not say what the specific style, but also very discernible, at a glance can be determined by his hand.

Because of the difference, I don’t forget.

One of the prefixes of Luo San is the fourth generation descendant of the Beijing School Gong’s cheongsam.

But people who know Luo San know that he is not a dull craftsman, or even a little “nerve.”

On weekdays in the studio, he would sing like a song, comb his hair into an adult appearance, and put on a handsome suit. The time was measured with a needle.

After he finished his job, he immediately switched to a “dummy mode” and smoked and drank as well.

But if he is excited someday, he doesn’t have to say much. His friend knows, “This boy must have made another beautiful cheongsam.”

“Everyone is multi-faceted, just like the cheongsam I made. It is both old and innovative.” This contrast and rebellion are also particularly evident in Luo San.

Luo Sanben was named Luo Yang, because since childhood everyone has called “three children and three children”, plus he is a tailor, and later he has the name “Luo Sanzhi”.

When he was a child, because he did not love to go to school, he was good at all things that had nothing to do with reading books, jumping gymnastics, pulling Erhu, writing…

When the truancy was discovered, Luo San ran to Ganma’s cheongsam shop and hid behind the long cheongsam to observe whether there were any suspected parents.

It was probably a matter of time. Luo San was also unknowingly removed from the soul by the subtle beauty of the cheongsam.

At the age of 17, he worshiped his mother as a teacher, picked up a pair of scissors and stepped on the sewing machine, even if he officially entered the line.

In the summer of Chengdu, there was a heavy rain that could not be extinguished.An old fan, squeaky and hoarse, accompanied him to a full summer vacation shop.

Two months later,

He found that the tailor not only had to make clothes,

You have to “will see”, “will listen”, “will say”,

When you get the impression of this thing,

The master will let you touch the tools.

Starting with the sewing machine,

Step on the straight line, turn the line, step on the arc…

Sometimes a little bit, a little bit,

He was so angry that he tore off the cloth in his hand,

If you want to give up, boys can’t do this kind of work.

The next second I feel uncomfortable, holding a breath,

Hustling on.

One year, two years, three years…

He finally understood the master’s intentions.

The most important thing about making clothes is not to worry about it.

To suffer hardships,

Make good things to get admired.

In the university, Luo San reported on the professional design of clothing, but after the 90s did not like fashion, he came out to open a cheongsam studio.

Without any money, he rented a small house of more than 70 flats in a residential building outside the suburbs of the Third Ring Road.

One bed, one sewing machine,

A bundle of cheap cloth for practice,

And a few of my own debut works,

It was all a teenager’s house.

For the next year, more and more cloth was piled up in the room. The formed cheongsam was still a few pieces. The shoulder line was full of thin ash.

“Just go ahead and do part-time work. Anyway, it’s coming.”Speaking of this experience, Luo San moved and threw a fourth fresh cigarette butt into the ashtray.


Later, someone saw a picture of his cheongsam from the Internet and came to the studio to chat. He felt that the investment margin had been quickly customized. Later, the guests introduced it to other guests and did the business.

After a little money, Luo San immediately moved the studio into the high-end office building in the city center.

The partition, table and chair made of superior yellow flowers,

The antique sewing machine a few decades ago,

The well-formed dry mountain water……

In his mind, this is where the cheongsam should exist,

They’re the beauty of time.

If you want to visit him in Chengdu, remember to set aside half an hour of traffic congestion (don’t ask how I know…

Luo San’s craftsmanship, also from the initial imitation, gradually became a unique charm that belongs to the “Luo Sanzhi”.

“Now everyone is either completely improved on the cheongsam, pursuing” lordosis “, or it is completely retro and too old. I want to find a balance between the two. ”

So in the form,

Luo three only made the cheongsam of the 1930s and 1930s,

Do not make a short version.

He said, “there must be a root in a suit,

Its root is there, it’s like the root of the cheongsam. “

And then, he started on the cheongsam

To come up with a variety of things that others don’t dare to try,

Japan and taking Zhengjuan, DampG; exaggerated show materials,

He came to make a cheongsam and look at people silly.

Luo San thinks that if you make it look good,

Nothing is not possible.

In terms of design, it can be empty, but in terms of technology, Luo San’s harshness will never lose the master who has been a tailor for decades.

From a cloth,

To get guests to wear a matching cheongsam,

It takes at least 27 hours.

Every piece of cloth,

It was all his choice,

His favorite is clouds,

At first glance, it’s simple,

However, over time, it will brew different charms.

Clipping from a typesetting design,

To sew a flat pin on the fine silk,

Even a button, a lace roller edge of the color have stress.

Even a fold in his sleeve,

With delicate emotions,

Just because you don’t want to live up to every line of love.

For six years, he insisted on being himself, in the world of cheongsam, flying needles.With new and old, re-deconstruct the red light under the wine, the cheongsam in the cheongsam.

More and more local newspapers and magazines reported on the story of him and cheongsam. Finally, CCTV ran in line for interviews. Overnight, he became a famous red net in the circle.

There are several times more guests coming to the store,

Sometimes you can’t stand up.

And the endless phone calls,

Let Luo San completely feel the “trouble” after becoming a human fire.

Fortunately, Luo Yan is awake and his fame is only fame. What he cares about most is “doing himself” with a needle in his hand.

If you don’t do it,

If you don’t do short money,

Not for guests who don’t do it,

Dissenting opinions, this single business would rather not be done.

The beauty of the cheongsam, people who understand it.

Luo San is only willing to do it for people who understand.

At the drama group meeting of the drama “Latent”,

In order to insist on the expression of character in the cheongsam,

He was almost about to fight with the director.

About how to express the beauty of women in the East,

Luo is confident.

His inspiration never came from any design image,

A movie, a book, a glass of wine,

Beautiful, drunk, dizzy,

And then there’s a look in my head,

Luo San will quickly write it down,

Meet people and time,

Turn into the next more beautiful cheongsam.

So there was a bride out there,

Specially flew to Chengdu to find Luo San,

Just to stay at the wedding, to look the most beautiful.

International students send their own sizes online,

Want to make two sets of cheongsam, wear to attend the graduation ceremony.

Although foreign friends do not understand the work and stress of cheongsam,

But they praised it from the heart: “Chinese girls are beautiful.”

More guests, make a matching cheongsam,

Just for everyday wear.

Who says cheongsam can only be worn on specific occasions?

This natural freshness gives the girl another elegance.

Drink coffee, go green, travel,

Even when you’re alone in drinking tea and writing,

You can also live exquisitely and not perfunctory.

Under each of his public number articles, there is such an annotation:

“I can be very paranoid sometimes, for the cheongsam, sometimes I want to follow you, do some flowers, Yan, you choose what I do not stop saying look good, take money, leave people.

Don’t explain why the cheongsam should be long. Don’t explain the difference between sleeves and sleeves. I will be much easier and have more time to drink.

But maybe you don’t understand, but that’s the most beautiful you in my eyes. “

City character quick answer

A K: What label will you label Chengdu?Why?

Luo San: # comfortable #, especially before his house price did not rise.Living here, you never have to go to a restaurant a long time in advance. Even if it is blind, there will be no unpalatable place.

A K: What do you think is the corner that best represents this city in Chengdu?

Luo San: Taiguri.

A K: A mall?

Luo San: Yes, because this place you no matter when you go, people are so many, this is very Chengdu ah!You have to be elsewhere, how can you see so many people on weekdays, but when you are in Chengdu, you will feel that when you go, you don’t need to go to work.

A K: So Chengdu people will enjoy life more?

Luo San: The commonality of Chengdu people is “will live” and understand what the essence of life is.Everyone doesn’t want to fight so much. We’re used to everything.


A K: What do you think is the essence of life?

Luo San: It is to make myself comfortable, to control the desire within my scope, and to live within my scope.


A K: Is it understandable that Chengdu people are not so advanced?

Luo San: The progress of Chengdu people is more surrounded by the trend of the times, rather than relying on themselves. For example, if the house price rises, I will do my best. “Save a little bit, and eat two hot pots this week.”


A K: In your heart, who can best represent the Chengdu people?


Luo San: Fan Jianchuan, he is really good in Chengdu!Built a museum, such a cow forced people, high-grade restaurants can also go, flies can also eat, a bowl of beef noodles to eat comfortable, really good Chengdu ~


Uncle on the side of the road is also very Chengdu, more than 4 o’clock in the afternoon, just out of the sun, they wear a vest, set a table on the street, put a dish of cold dishes, put a bottle of wine!Very comfortable, Chengdu can’t!


A K: What kind of life can be passed?

Luo San: It is very interesting that Chengdu people will put a small force within an acceptable range.When I work, I wear a suit, but I get off class, I will wear a broken vest, go to whiskey bar to drink, go to the street, all right!

Luo Sanshi Cheongsam Studio

Address: No. 4214, 2nd Floor, Building 2, Jinshang Center, No. 87, Section 5, East Ring Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

This article picture is authorized from Luo Sanshi cheongsam studio

The source of the picture is Iqiyi’s documentary “Flag and robe teacher to create retro illusion beauty filling”

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