Android embedded Linux ultimate combat, 40 hours to take you to the top of the workplace

Status of Embedded Engineers

Embedding is a high-paying technology area where hardware and software intersect.A qualified embedded system engineer needs comprehensive knowledge of hardware, software, and operating systems.

Although there are many Android, Linux-related technology books and video training courses on the market, these books and courses are too theoretical or superficial or old.

We have seen many beginners holding heavy Linux kernel books all day long but they have not been able to turn over 10 pages. We have also seen many students who have broken the cost of purchasing development boards or time-consuming participation in online and offline training courses. Eventually, they cannot develop the substance in depth. There is still a long way to go before the development of truly independent products.

A truly qualified embedded system engineer can lead the development of various embedded smart hardware products, such as andorid smartphones, android tablets, etc., rather than simply running experiments on a development board.

Why do we take two years to develop this set of practical courses at the top of the workplace?

To truly quickly and effectively master embedded system development skills, we must use real embedded products as teaching aids. (For example, android smartphones and tablets sold on the market) The process of these embedded products from 0 to mass production contains all the knowledge needed for the development of embedded systems. This knowledge must also be mastered in real work. Learning this knowledge, whether it is job search or entrepreneurship, will be a very huge one. The improvement.

In order to allow more beginners to save time, avoid detours, and enter the industry quickly, so that engineers with certain experience can be promoted to the height of independently completing the entire product development, we spend two years and put the most cost-effective android tablet in the market. The computer program is open source, has produced learning and development kits, wrote a technical book, and recorded supporting video teaching courses. This course is explained in full accordance with the R & D process of commercial tablets.

Combining books and suites to complete this course, we can fully grasp every aspect of Android Linux system development and truly grow into a qualified embedded system engineer. 

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