Exploring the meaning of travel, the most beautiful “travel photos” in the past year may be here

Travel is a common way to ease the pressure of reality, but in the fast-paced Internet era, the meaning of travel may be just to leave a few travel photos, and then measured by the number of these photos on the social network.The “National Geography” magazine’s recent selection of the “Annual Travel Photography Contest” winners has shown us the true appearance of the journey. These images, either deserted or jumping, all permeate a “strange” feeling. The significance of travel may lie in discovering those worlds that you have not yet seen.


Full Prize & Natural Photography First Prize


Reiko Takahashi

Natural photography second prize

Flamingo take off


Natural photography third prize


Marco Grassi

Natural Photography Popularity Award

Team Form

Niklas Weber


Urban photography first prize

Another rainy day in Nagasaki, Japan

Hiro Kurashina

Urban photography second prize

The Geometry of the Sun

Enrico Pescantini

Third Prize for Urban Photography


Gaanesh Prasad

Urban Photography Popularity Award

The Journey to Heaven

Trikansh Sharma


Character photography first prize

Tea Culture

Alessandra Meniconzi

Character photography second prize

Leda and Lyle – I’ll lift you

Tati Itat

Character photography third prize

The Challenging Journey

MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan

Character Photography Popularity Award

Girl Over Time

Daniel Cheung


Edit Selection


Paul Tsui

– Material from the National Geographic Official Website

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