Fu Sheng, product manager, is one step closer to the extreme. This time it is a translator.

Even Rebs’ famous words are used

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On the afternoon of July 19th, the cheetah mobile joint company’s artificial intelligence company, Orion Star, jointly launched the leopard AI translation stick, which focuses on overseas tourism and business scenes. The price is 299 yuan, and the top 10,000 buyers can enjoy 149 yuan fresh price.This is the smart hardware product that the cheetah launched again after launching 4 robots and 1 smart soundbox in May.

The small leopard AI translation rod body weighs 45g and is equivalent in size to lipstick. It has built-in Cirrus-Logic noise reduction chip and dual microphone array. The noise reduction software solution used can further ensure the sound reception effect.

In terms of system, the leopard AI translation bar is equipped with an AI intelligent system jointly built by the hunter star and Microsoft Asia Research Institute under the cheetah movement.Officials said that the addition of AI technology allows users to continuously train the leopard AI translation stick during use, allowing the translation to become more accurate.

At the press conference, product manager Fu Sheng was the hardware platform, and he also did not forget to toss his peers.After some experience with similar products on the market, his evaluation is: For example, a certain brand of products, no value, expensive, inconvenient to carry, complicated operation, frequent charging…

After reading this conference, we can understand that he was able to say these words so rationally because they took out this “extreme” leopard AI translation stick.

//Extreme 1. one click to get through//

Compared with translators that generally have multiple function keys on the market and support ten or several languages, the leopard AI translation stick maintains the greatest degree of restraint, both in design and function: the fuselage has only one physical button. It only supports the translation between China, Britain, China, and South Korea. Allegedly, it “can meet the needs of 75% of the people going abroad. “

Fu Sheng believes that the existing AI translation products are generally cumbersome to operate, have a high threshold, and are easily misused. The user experience is not good when they are actually used.

The language selection and translation operation of the leopard AI translation stick is achieved through this key. With the help of the cheetah moving its hunter star and the smart voice dual engine provided by the Microsoft Asia Research Institute, the machine can automatically recognize whether the language is Chinese or foreign language. And perform automatic bilingual translation.

In addition, the upper left side of the front panel of the small leopard AI translation rod body supports sliding up and down to adjust the volume, which in turn reduces a large mechanical structure and makes the body more integrated.

The reduction of keys makes the appearance of the device more concise and fashionable. More importantly, the extremely convenient operation greatly reduces the threshold and difficulty of use. Whether the user is an old person or a child, it can be easily used.

//Extreme 2. long life//

The small leopard AI translation stick “180 days long life” has also become a big weapon for its spike companions. In addition to being small and portable, it also wants to help you make more contributions to the long-distance travel load reduction project – free charger.

It is reported that the leopard AI translation rod is the longest translation product currently available on the market for standby and continuous use, and can achieve long-term standby for 180 days and long-term life for 24 hours.Calculated by accumulating two hours of use per day, users can be guaranteed to use without charging for 12 consecutive days.The long standby time and continuous use time allow users to fly away without being willing to bring or forget to bring chargers.

//Extreme 3. beautiful unlike translator//

Just mentioned that cheetahs have spent a lot of effort on the industrial design of this product, claiming to be polished with “handicraft techniques” and “face value of 100 points.”

It is said that the small leopard AI translation rod has been built through more than 20 processes. The front surface is made of black mirror material and the surface is wear-resistant. It can produce reflection under light conditions. The middle frame part uses aluminum alloy material to wrap the front black mirror surface. The silvery white edge was revealed and the official called it “two-color shell.”In addition, the translation bar uses a colorful surface shell with multiple colors to choose from.

In front of this “iPhone with the same” round button wrapped around a circle of indicator lights, when charging will have breathing light effect.

//Extreme 4. ultra-low price//

149 yuan (only the top 10,000 buyers) is Fu Sheng’s counterattack against thousands of similar products in the market, and also achieved the ultimate price. 

At the same time, Rebs’ famous saying that “doing products should be a good thing” was moved to the table by Fu Sheng. He said that AI is not a high-profile black technology, but a truly useful technology that solves the needs of users in a specific scenario through scene landing.. Cheetah Mobile has the product genes that conquer 600 million consumers around the world and the full-chain AI technology that covers AI robots “eyes, ears, legs, and brains” to allow cheetah movements to “do a little more” for users. Meet the real needs of users in specific scenarios.

The small leopard AI translation stick is based on social needs, allowing consumers to easily pursue “poetry and distant” AI new products, and promote AI translation products into the era of universal popularity.

This time, by subverting the conventional leopard AI translation stick, product manager Fu Sheng took another step closer to the extreme.Whether it is spending a lot of thought and funding on the appearance, human-computer interaction design, or working with Microsoft to develop AI smart systems, the price of the road, whether these users want the ultimate, we only know after deep experience of the product.

In any case, for a translator, it depends on whether the level of translation can reach the extreme. This question seems to ask Microsoft to answer. After all, it uses people’s technology.

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