The 2018X-FLY Drone Race League Great Wall Station is perfect and new risks have emerged!

Drone race through the world miracle of the Great Wall of China!On July 17th, after two days of fierce competition, the 2018X-FLY UAV Competition League Great Wall Station hosted by the X-FLY Drone Competition Alliance ended perfectly.

This is a great game,

It is the first “Air F1” competition held on the Great Wall of China.

X-FLY, a local event operator in China, took the theme of leap miracles and tried for the first time to integrate the characteristics of the great wall of the world’s cultural heritage into the racing drone track and use the international extreme movement to interpret China’s 1500 years of history. China’s Huaxia culture has shown fresh vitality in the drone race.

The 2018X-FLY drone race has brought together the top six professional clubs at home and abroad. They are the European NEXXBLADE team, the Korean KDRA team, the Japanese RAIDEN team, the Chinese TEAM CHINA DRAGON team, the China Juhang FPV team, and the Hong Kong DRONEZ BASE team.

Flyers use not ordinary civilian drones, but smaller “crossing machines” that can reach up to 180 kilometers per hour.

The flyers will dive along the LED Great Wall track with a total length of more than 1.5 kilometers. They will dive, leap, escape obstacles, and turn rapidly. The drone will be high and low in the field, and it will be fast and slow. The viewer’s epinephrine will be instantly excited.

During the competition, the flying hand wore special FPV glasses to cross the obstacle from the first perspective and manipulated the drone to cross the track quickly.According to the rules of the competition, the entire team will be divided into two teams, A and B. Starting from the single-cycle points competition, the teams will rank the PK according to the points during the day’s race until the Champions League is produced.

Finally, the European NEXXBLADE team won the prize with a total score of 72 points. The runner-up was the TEAM CHINA DRAGON team and the Japanese RAIDEN team.

At the award ceremony, Mr. Wang Qi, the founder of X-FLY, and the head of China Express Express Innovation Department, the sponsor of the branch game, awarded the trophy and certificate.

The 2018X-FLY drone race league is an authoritative, professional, and high-level drone race event. The game environment integrates competition, display, and experience. It integrates entertainment and cutting-edge technology. The organizers hope to use innovative technologies. The concept of science and technology elements and entertainment elements is displayed to the audience through the concept of the first perspective.

According to reports, the X-FLY drone competition will also organize several major domestic sports events.

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 2018X-FLY drone race league video 

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