29-year-old annual salary of one million, promoted to one of Ali’s youngest P8, I want to share 8 points of growth experience

Author: Bubble

Source: Taraaa (ID: Tarasayhi)

Bubbles are my best friend.

At the age of 31, he entered Alibaba after graduation and was promoted from P4 to P6, P7, and P8 within five years of work.

I rarely talked to him about work, but I always felt that he had a great workplace experience and should share it. So I had this interview and hoped to help newcomers in the workplace.After talking for three hours, I found that I was very inspired by people who have worked for many years.


Keep curiosity

Cultivate awareness and habits of active learning

I entered university in 2006, specialized in industrial design, graduated in 10 years.When I was in college, my knowledge was not mainly from the teacher, but from the donkey.

I may have been downloading the latest learning materials video for more than a dozen hours a day. Due to my professional design class, I will find a lot of online, such as the concept of movies, original paintings, and illustrations.Slowly shaped his own shape and aesthetic ability.After watching a variety of movies, interested in the special effects of the movie, began to learn video production.Painting for a long time, and learn coding.

At that time, unlike now, the information will come to you on its own initiative.At that time, finding information will be very cherished.

I usually encounter problems, go to find information, spend an overnight to practice it.After solving the problem, proceed with the next challenge.

This experience was very important to me because it gave me awareness and habits of active learning.It gave me two revelations.

First, knowledge is no longer scarce to me. What is scarce is only curiosity.

It allowed me to build my confidence in acquiring knowledge.In the past, we were educated that you had to make special efforts. After a certain test or some kind of official certification, you can enter the next stage of study.And now that knowledge is there, you can get it anytime you want.

The second is that it affects the relationship between people, people, and authority.

Because information is equal, when you communicate with authority or people who are not in your professional field, there is not much gap in the magnitude of information. You can think independently about equal dialogue.This makes me less likely to fear authority.


If the environment doesn’t help you

It’s on its own.

When I first entered Alibaba, I was actually not used to it.I think it’s slow.

For one of the best companies in the Internet, there was an expectation that you could learn a lot.That time was also the time when the whole of China emphasized, or just began to develop, the so-called artisan spirit. Take companies and products such as Apple as an example and advocate the elegance of it.

But when I really came in, I found that the way of doing things and the efficiency of communication were not as professional and efficient as I thought.But the advantage of this matter is that I decided to set my own goals.If the environment doesn’t help me, I’ll do it myself.

Because of the self-confidence in knowledge that I began to talk about through self-learning, I feel that it is feasible to rely on myself.So I think when I first entered the workplace, different from many young people, it was that I didn’t care so much about the authority.

For example, we have various restrictions on doing Internet products, and technology and resources cannot be done.Or a phased goal may not be the same as what you want to do.I didn’t care about it at all.

My judgment criterion is not whether this matter can be completed or whether it can be launched, but whether this matter can meet the goal I set for myself.

The entire previous year and more was a very fast stage of professional advancement.And then it’s been doing things, and it’s done pretty fast.Two years into my career I finished my first promotion to P6.


Take one more step in everything

Constantly surpassing expectations

I had a trick and found it very useful in my first year of work.

It is every new project I have. As long as there are new people and the people I work with for the first time, I must surprise them.

I think this experience is called one more step.It is one step more than you think.The so-called one step more is omnidirectional.

In different projects, the extra step may be different.

Of course, a small adjustment will be made based on who he is or what your goal is.But the most important thing is not because of this person’s personality to make adjustments.It’s what he needs. You have to help him solve something and make adjustments.

This surprise point will not necessarily be consistent with my project goals. I will think about it like this: The first time everyone wants to complete a project, then my first priority is to do this project very well.

For example, we have to solve the GMV, the final trading volume problem.Then I will split first: What is the GMV equal to?Equivalent to someone coming, the transformation of this person, and the unit price of this conversion.I’ll look for opportunities in these three directions.

In the first two years, when a mission was received, the goal was often set.But I’m going to figure out what this thing really does to the final goal?Which link in the goal helped?In addition to this matter, is there any way to instigate the final goal than this matter?

The goal can be disassembled into many hypotheses. What we do is because of a hypothesis to accomplish a certain goal.

Two years before you work, people often don’t discuss goals anymore, often to do.But all to do comes from one target.There has never been a project whose to do is so precise that there must be more room for optimization.This is my first priority.

If this cannot be done, I will try to get a better and more elegant solution at the to do level.

When neither level can be done, I’ll do more to people.Can you be more intimate?What other people need?Can you think more about others?


Everyone is the best

The team is the best

At the beginning of the workplace, all the energy was focused on personal professionalism, but quickly encountered some bottlenecks, because many things can not be done alone.

I spent only one year at P6 litre P7, quickly because I had some changes in my way of thinking, resulting in a major difference in results. 

I remember having a chat with my boss, talking about what the team is, and what determines a team’s ability?

He said, do you know Nietzsche?I said I knew.

He said that everyone said that Nietzsche was crazy, but he had a very correct answer.Is the history of a country, or what culture is?

Like what do you say German culture is?The so-called culture in my heart is folklore, impressions in the hearts of others and the like.But Nietzsche said that the influence of a great nation or a great culture is the history of the greatest people in the country.

My boss said that the improvement of a team’s ability must not be a uniform step for everyone, and should not focus a lot of energy on helping others grow.

The most important thing is that someone can rush out of a benchmark and kill a blood path.You have to believe that people are active. They have a fire inside them.When they see the road, they will work hard in this direction.

It’s easy to get into a situation in the workplace, that is, the more mature you are, the more you think about cutting cakes.But the problem is that the cake is so big. Everyone cuts it so small that it doesn’t make much sense.The more important thing is to make this cake bigger.

How to do it?

It must not be your own solution. Everyone needs to burst out the energy he should burst out.

Before, I spent a lot of energy talking to others. “How about we do this?”After talking to the boss, I changed the way I was with people.I’m going to talk more about people.I took all the graduates and interns at that time.I told everyone that there is nothing called a team. Each of us is the best. This team is the best.


Not a leader

Must work as a leader

We were doing a responsive design for the entire site.At that time, in the industry, there was no mature solution to the responsive rules from PC to wireless.I need to figure it out myself.

There were several difficulties at the time.

First, the previous responsive design just proposed a basic methodology, and only achieved in some very simple products, such as blog products, text products.However, we are a complex e-commerce product with a very complex scenario and a greater density of information.

Second, we are a multilingual website. The length of texts in different languages is completely different. For example, Chinese and Russian may have three times the text gap.But you need a solution to everything.

Third, this involves the issue of teamwork.For example, development cooperation.Because the previous labeling system is completely different.For example, let the product manager understand these things, where is the risk of what he wants to do.There is a need to establish a communication mechanism that allows everyone to understand how this thing works.

You have to get out of the way.When you prove this way, people will work in this direction.He will add more details to the direction you are developing.As you get richer in detail, it becomes.

I P6 to P7, the biggest project is this project.

I wasn’t a leader at P6, but I had to work as a leader.

When you are not a leader, you do not have that authority and cannot ask others to do anything. Therefore, the most effective way is to give everyone a bloody path.

I think a lot of people are stuck in their own ability and professional authority, but they haven’t become leaders yet.

To really get into the stage of becoming a leader, there are often two ways. The first is top-down. The boss assigns you, and then you hold the sword, but often get very few people.The other is to count on yourself. I think the most efficient is to kill a bloody path.


Heart First

Second physical strength

mental third

P7 to P8 I spent two years.After P7 I took the team, a small team of several people.In Alibaba, I think the real challenge is to start with P7.

Because it was still personal, but from this point on I really carried the KPI of a team.Think about the establishment of team trust, the handling of the relationship between team and team, and so on.The complexity is geometrical.

After P7, I brought a marketing team at AliExpress. This is actually not my professional expertise.I am good at UX Design, user experience, and information architecture.

There was a big problem.

At that time, we already had large-scale marketing activities such as Double 11 in China, but in overseas markets, AliExpress’s marketing capabilities were still relatively poor.We do not have so many people on Taobao. We also need to do more than 200 countries and have many pages.There are 18 languages that need to be translated into multilingual adaptation. There is no such reserve technically.We don’t know how to do it.

At that time, the pressure was very great. I think the most important thing at this time is the heart!

Alibaba has been talking about three points. The longer I work, the more I agree: mental, physical, and mental.The ordering of these three things is the first for the heart, the second for the body, and the third for the brain.

So I was in the circle of friends all day long in the throwing tank, saying what to make money to sell cabbage, and the heart of selling white powder.This sentence is actually when I was talking to a front-end classmate. His mood collapsed and he returned directly to my words.

When everyone is under great pressure and their emotions are very poor, I feel that I can only support it.

One of the things I want to say is that when you only experience greater pressure, you only know that the previous pressure is actually not P.

Just like I made a home page revision at P6, I think, wow, I have a meeting with any big boss. He is staring at me and the pressure is so great.Then when I was double 11, I was carrying so many things. I had to do it for a few months. I may have to go offline on my ass. Everyone hung up. All the students’ KPIs hung up on this matter.Looking back at the P6 thing, P is not.

Although the pressure is still high, you will also be slow.I don’t think that the heart is saying that the pressure resistance will increase, but the dull feeling of stress will increase.

In the first year we succeeded, how to say it, to deal with it, but you know in your heart what to plan for.I can’t say TM this year that the strategic direction is going this way. I’m starting to prepare now.I don’t have this ability. It’s hard to survive this year.

Take precautions, or Ma Yun said, when the sun is bright, repair the roof.I’ve never thought about it before.But really encountered things, only to understand the importance.

So we began to build the so-called big promotion marketing system and productization, we do not use it as an operating activity, but do it as a product.We spend a year perfecting the infrastructure.

Including the structure and ability of my team also needs to be adjusted.Our designers are at least first-class in China, but the composition of our marketing designer team at that time was based on product design.I need more people from the ad agency.The knowledge background of the advertising company students is not the same as that of Internet companies. We must consider how to make them accept our culture.


The overall view of team interests

Let others stand C

With regard to the relationship between the team and the team, when the KPI created a conflict, I felt that the first thing was called not to decide the head.

Often the controversy between the team and the team is caused by the butt’s decision to head, which is to damage their own interests, or I have not kept this site.

For example, I am an AliExpress design team. When I work with Taobao Tmall design team today, I would like to do this for him.

For example, the double 11 and double 11 brands are Tmall.But after all, overseas markets only know AliExpress and do not know Tmall.The logo of Tmall I want to put, but to what extent I put it, how to say in the advertisement, these are all things I want to think about.

So I often need to rethink my position.Am I the designer of AliExpress or the designer of Alibaba Group?

AliExpress is a subsidiary, but what is the mission or goal of this subsidiary?What is Alibaba’s mission and goal?It is to allow SMEs to live better and let the world have no business that is difficult to do. 

But there is no difficult business in the world. This is not necessarily done by AliExpress. We can rely on the acquisition of the company if it is more efficient or what.What the hell are we doing right now?Just like we do as design teams, what’s the first thing?It is the ability to precipitate the internationalization of the group.

What about Tmall’s design team doing this?If our final result is better and more efficient, should we let them stand C and we help?

This problem is good in our China-Taiwan team. The real business team needs to think about this issue.

For example, if I am an owner of the home page, then I would like to have the highest conversion rate on the home page, or whether we need to allocate our entire business more rationally and divert more rationally.Each product has a product life cycle. I myself have reached the end of the life cycle. I am already at the end of my life. Do I still have to fight for something or reconsider optimizing the whole thing?I think this is first of all a leader’s consciousness.

Then the second point is how to influence others when communicating with others, so that others believe that you are sincere.

I really don’t care much about letting others stand in position C. For me, I just need to be responsible for two things. The first is the colleague in my team and the second is the business.

Any organization needs to be restructured. Reconstruction is an ongoing process.If this is what my team’s life cycle is like, in terms of strategic strategies, we respect such strategic strategies.

So if I need to redefine the KPI, I will redefine the KPI.Ali’s better point is that KPI cannot be changed in the system for half a year. You can change it according to the general direction at any time, as long as your boss agrees.

If I need to cut people, I’ll cut them.If I do this, my team is not as suitable as other parallel teams.I can turn my 8 people into 4, and the other 4 to help the team do this.

Then I myself 4 people to complete a smaller KPI goal than before.I’ll take a position that might be a bit worse and a little less traffic to get my transformation done.And thinking about my next product life cycle, what I’m going to do in the end and prepare for a war, I think this thing will be a plus point for your boss, not a minus point. 

Of course, this is just at my current level. I can’t guarantee that I will go to a higher level. I may be more involved in the interests of more people. What do I think?Today’s experience tells me that this may be more sensible.

With regard to team communication, I have a little trick: Every time I have a new leader with a team, whether he is new or says that I first contacted him, I often have an open conversation with him.What are we talking about?It is weak.

This is a sign that he wants to make a connection with him and put his heart on the table.What is the problem with our team now?What is our pressure?What are our pain points?We want to do something, but we have limited capabilities and we can’t do it.What do you think it looks like?What are your short-term goals?What are your long-term goals?How can we help you?

Often the heart is meat, so that the first contact will be more likely to have trust, the back will be more smooth.

Of course, this is also related to our role. We are a team in the middle and back, not a business team, and we are not the first team to fight, so it may be easier.


Rethinking your own problems

Don’t always think about jumping

I rarely want to jump.

I think this is the case. Every year, my theme is particularly different. The challenges are not the same. The things learned are not the same.Then it is always fresh, and I will not be able to think about jumping.

There are some difficulties in the middle.These difficulties often stop in a few months and there will be a sense of accomplishment.I am a person who prefers to reflect on his own problems. That is, often one thing has not been done. Then I will reflect on my own reasons or what.

So seriously, there are very few ideas for job-hopping.