Giant screen millet Max3 released 1699 yuan to be sold tomorrow

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Two to three years ago, a 7-inch screen handheld device was called a tablet.

In 2018, the 6.9-inch screen handheld device became a mobile phone.

Is our hand getting bigger?

At 19 o’clock on the evening of July 19th, Xiaomi released Max 3, a large-screen new machine that had been preheated for a long time. After the appearance and configuration were announced one after another, the government also sent the price.

Xiaomi officials emphasized that at 10 o’clock on the morning of July 20th, the whole platform sold Xiaomi Max 3, of which the 4 + 64GB version was 1699 yuan, and the 6 + 128GB version was 1999 yuan. There were three colors: deep sea blue, stone black and dream gold.

It is reported that Xiaomi Max 3 uses an all-metal integrated body, hidden nano-injection molding antenna, in which the back of the “Yangliu waist” waist design, can greatly improve the sense of grip, and the body looks more slender.

Xiaomi Max 3 is equipped with a 6.9 inch 18: 9 full screen with a resolution of 2160 × 1080 and a screen share of 85.19%. That is to say, it is about the same size as Xiaomi Max 2, but it houses a larger screen. At the same time, the mobile phone is equipped with a Qualcomm 636 processor. (There is no so-called Fallen 710 version) .

After the 12 million + 5 million pixel dual camera, the single pixel size of the main camera is as high as 1.4 μm, which supports the Dual PD full-pixel dual-core focusing technology. In theory, it will perform better during the night beat, while the front camera is 8 million pixels.

In addition to the large screen, Xiaomi Max 3 has a long life. It is equipped with a 5500 mAh large battery, known as “charging treasure power”, heavy users use a day without pressure, support 9V2A QC 3.0 fast charge, while it also provides the previous generation “river and lake emergency” reverse charging function, charge specifications Upgrade to 5V/1.2A.

It can also charge other equipment (need to prepare OTG wire), full of 8 meters of equipment and the remaining 3%.

In addition, Xiaomi Max 3 runs a MIUI 10 system based on Android 8.1. The system supports a variety of AI modes, such as voice assistants and AI scene cameras. (Intelligent identification of 25 labels 206 kinds of photo scenes) AI face unlocked, AI beauty self-timer and so on.

The system comes with a love of students, game toolbox, the latter includes a key acceleration, anti-jamming, game video screen, QQ float window, WeChat float window, one-click screen six practical functions.

Finally, let’s compare the previous generation products.

Xiaomi Max2 Xiaomi Max3

Compared with the previous 7-inch flat panel Nexus 7, I have to sigh that the change in handheld equipment during the past few years is still quite large.

Xiaomi Max3 (6.9 in) Nexus7 (7 in)

This is probably a thorough mobile phone that was officially exposed by my family before the first press conference I saw…

In addition to Meizu 16

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