One billion in arrears, another giant ran away!

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Just now, a big news came from Shanghai!Internet lending platform Yonglibao today in the official micro-exposure, at noon on July 16, 2018 to the present, the company’s actual controller Yu Gang and Zhang Yufeng could not contact, suddenly lost!

Company staff advised all investors to call the police!!!

If you are a victim, please call the police immediately

In addition to Shanghai Yonglibao push APP window fermentation on the Internet, while their official Weibo has also fallen!

Yu Gang, chairman of the platform, and Zhang Yufeng, director and CEO, have disappeared and asked investors to report to the police for rights protection.

The authentication account “Yong Li Bao” sends microblogging!

See for yourself:

The company’s official microblogging reported that its own boss was running away. The news of such a bang was rapidly fermented, causing many big V onlookers to forward. Some comments said that it is estimated that employees’ own wages have also been cheated.

What’s even more explosive is that colleagues in the office next door said: The incident was very sudden! Good morning, nap and see colleagues moving things, only to know that the boss ran…

Even the staff have been deceived…Many employees have to buy the company’s p2p products… At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, they went out to see the situation and saw an employee of Yonglibao crying and saying that 400,000 yuan was not received…

The phone is no longer open and employees are sent home

On July 17th, Yonglibao, an Internet lending information intermediary platform, was exposed today at the official micro-level. From noon on July 16, 2018 to the present, the company and the actual controllers Yu Gang and Zhang Yufeng could not contact each other. In view of the sudden and urgent incident, the senior management team It explained the situation to the relevant government departments on the afternoon of July 16 and the employees had been sent home.

The reporter of the “International Finance” confirmed through various channels such as former partners and employees of Yonglibao that they could not contact the chairman and CEO of the company!!!

At the same time, Yonglibao Finance’s customer service phone is no longer available.

There’s no sign of anything…

The office is completely closed, people go empty!!!

We also met the CEO (Zhang Yufeng) and chairman (Yu Gang) on Friday, according to a person familiar with the matter.Every Monday morning, Zhang Yufeng will basically participate in the morning meeting, but he did not attend today. The atmosphere in the morning meeting was suddenly very tense. “

I hope you didn’t do it!

The official of Yongli Bao just said that the relevant person in charge of the financial, asset, risk control, compliance, and operation departments of the senior management team has decided to set up an “asset recovery team” within this week. The normal return of the project will be transferred directly to the company’s dedicated repayment account, waiting for the government. The relevant departments confirm that they will then set uniform and standard rules for reimbursement.

All investors are required to quickly operate. Users who have balance in the account or who have recently returned the balance to the balance are required to make a cash withdrawal as soon as possible.

At 3 o’clock this morning, Yongli issued an announcement on its own initiative. Since July 16, 2018, it has stopped the platform from issuing bids and began to pay in a benign way.

After high-level discussion on the platform, the liquidation payment plan is as follows:

1. As of July 15, 2018, the platform’s loan balance is approximately RMB 1 billion, and the platform will be paid by investment users in 36 months.

2. For months 1-12, 2% of the user’s principal is paid monthly; for months 13-30, 3% is paid monthly.For months 31-36, the principal is paid at 4 per cent per month.

3. Since August 2018, centralized system payment has been conducted on the 15th of each month. 

It is reported that Yonglibao was launched in November 2013 and has been filed on the official website of the China Mutual Gold Association.According to the online loan home data, as of July 16, the platform has a balance of 1.148 billion yuan to be returned.

After 2 hours, Yonglibao’s associated platform “Fire Finance” was closed

At the same time, another financial management platform mentioned in the announcement of the retreat of Yonglibao, “Fire Financial Management,” was announced three hours after Yonglibao APP released information on the loss of executives.

At present, the associated fire financial management is also in the official website telephone unanswered, the official website live broadcast equipment has been offline from 13: 55 on July 16.

True love life, away from p2p

According to statistics, starting from June this year, as of July 11, there were 164 p2p problem platforms, including 46 in Shanghai and 44 in Zhejiang, followed by Guangdong and Beijing, 22 and 17 respectively..

I can’t believe it!In just two months, more than a hundred p2p companies ran collectively and their bosses lost.

Millions of investors, the people will lose their blood!

It’s getting dark…

At the end of the article, the latest fraud list for 2018 is attached:

Photo source: rookie financial management

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