Exploring the meaning of travel, the most beautiful “travel photos” in the past year may be here

Travel is a common way to ease the pressure of reality, but in the fast-paced Internet era, the meaning of travel may be just to leave a few travel photos, and then measured by the number of these photos on the social network.The “National Geography” magazine’s recent selection of the “Annual Travel Photography Contest” winners […]

New Text Features in Android P

Published by Florina Muntenescu, Development and Extension Commissioner, and Siyamed Sinir, Technical Director of Android Text In “What’s new in Android P Beta” we’ve talked about two new text features for Android. Now that Android P Beta 3 and eventually API have been launched, we should also thoroughly explore what new text features it has. […]

Android embedded Linux ultimate combat, 40 hours to take you to the top of the workplace

Status of Embedded Engineers Embedding is a high-paying technology area where hardware and software intersect.A qualified embedded system engineer needs comprehensive knowledge of hardware, software, and operating systems. Although there are many Android, Linux-related technology books and video training courses on the market, these books and courses are too theoretical or superficial or old. We […]

Conquer Chen Man with a pair of scissors and create 101 Pick him. The girls flew from all over the world to wear his Chinese cheongsam.

The hot July, start it. The second stop of the market, killed the hot Sichuan. Chengdu, a magical city. People here love “hot pot” better than love life, take a deep breath, pepper smell of phlegm is Chengdu people’s unique life artifact. At 5 o’clock in the morning on the street, Ma Zhen’s pavilion dyed […]

ALIENWARE 17 Evaluation: Why do I spend tens of thousands to buy a game book?

With Core i9-8950HK, NVIDIA GTX 1080 and Tobii eye-tracking capabilities, is ALIENWARE 17 the top flagship in your eyes? From the heroic alliance to the vanguard, with the continuous improvement of professional competitions, the electric competition industry is also becoming more and more regular. In this context, the various chains associated with it have also […]

The mobile airbag stent that can be squatted, touch it, it becomes bigger and longer! It’s quite ridiculous!

Hello everyone!I’m a shark sister allergic to lobster   There are so many accessories around the phone But the hottest, the most turbulent, is nothing but him! This paragraph In addition to high value, there are patented airbag designs Can shrink and stretch, can become bigger and smaller!Very convenient, commandment! Jitter detonation mobile phone stand […]

6.9 Inch full screen + 5500mAh charge treasure level power, Xiaomi Max3 open tomorrow!

On July 19, Xiaomi held a press conference in Beijing to officially release Xiaomi Max3, a new generation of mobile phones of the Max Series. Before the official release of this mobile phone, the government has announced most of the configuration parameters, and even the price has been announced. Let’s learn more about it below. […]

Apple made another effort! Publish the third public test version of the iOS 12 system!

i Crazy Channel is the hottest and most popular Apple public number in WeChat! Here is the gathering place for apple fans!Check Apple’s warranty, check Apple’s serial number, check iPhone quotes, Apple’s iPhone valuation, buy and sell used iPhones, iPhone recycling, identify Apple’s shanzhai machines, and retrieve lost iPhones. You can all provide services here! […]