[PPT] Research Report on New Catering Consumption Trends in China in 2018

Hot download (click on the title to read) [Download] 2015 China Data Analysts Industry Summit Wonderful PPT Download (Total 21 Documents) With the increase of disposable income of our residents and the rapid development of the Internet, changes in the population structure have gradually become the main force of consumption after the 80s and 90s, […]

[Overseas] SaaS business model helps public utility companies to transfer the value of measurement data

In the past, software suppliers basically sold software to utility customers, and customers chose to purchase maintenance, support, and upgrade services based on the budget.In this model, utility users have ownership of software, but they need to invest higher manpower, financial resources, maintenance and upgrade costs. Now, with the increasing adoption of fixed communication networks […]

Hot broadcasting plays have learned to be black, but on the “official Tucao” or CCTV father is the most toxic!

The so-called official Tucao Refers to the role of film and television drama and animation Active Tucao plot and logic Say what the audience wants to say Or the creation team and the official propaganda A serious joke The earliest official Tucao It’s supposed to be from The Journey to the West. The way Monkey […]

News tea bubble Fan

Click the computer enthusiast above to follow us   Pay attention to computer enthusiasts, have the latest hottest information every morning, welcome to provide news clues! 01 Yingtai Releases New micro-ATX Main Board Recently, Yingtai announced a new micro-ATX motherboard – Yingtai H310MHC, supporting eight generations of core processor, up to 2666MHz DDR4 memory.H310MHC supports […]

Two sales of goods, the legendary text book “Neil French” authentic third print, strongly recommended

Text _ Ghost Source _ Advertising Common Knowledge (ID: adernous)     Since its listing in July 2017, during the year, “The God of the Text” has sold out twice and its sales have exceeded one million.After 2 months of paper selection, the third print has just arrived recently and has been waiting for a long […]

Orange Automation completes nearly 100 million yuan B round of financing letter Zhongli and GGV joint investment

Recently, the 3C automation startup Orange Automation announced that it had completed a round of 93.75 million yuan in Series B financing. This round of financing was jointly invested by GGV and Xinzhongli, and old shareholders such as Jingwei China, Xiangfeng Investment, and Mingli Capital continued to follow up.This round of financing will be mainly […]

Use AMD CPU, $3000 to build your own deep learning server

Selected from GitHub Author: Wayde Gilliam machine heart compilation The author of this article describes in detail the process of assembling a deep learning server, from the selection of CPU, GPU, motherboard, power supply, chassis, etc., to the installation of components, and then to the setup of the server.The author pointed out that the assembler […]

Easy to live in the listing of half a real estate circle to eat, the big brothers to support the luxury can be compared to Xu Jiayin circle of friends……

All stars are in the moon, and “waiters” are the dream of Hong Kong stocks.It is not easy to live, and it is not easy to live. On July 20, 2018, the official website claimed to have served more than 80% of the country’s developers and operated more than 200,000 real estate transaction service providers […]

The real experience of the seven operators, do you want to do operations after reading?

The Operational Research Society now has more than 200,000 users, and there are also urban communities in major cities. Xiao Bian has also joined the operating community for several months. There are not one thousand operators and eight hundred operators. In the exchange with them, I know a lot of the truth. For example, there […]